Orrin in his own words


“We must work to assist in the dismissal of many others who have been dominating our country for years and running us into bankruptcy.”

“Give the people of Utah a choice. We must have a change.” Amen.


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3 Responses to “Orrin in his own words”

  1. Sharon Murphy Says:

    I found you to be an untruthful. I did not post anything sexual on your facebook wall. But since you “unfriended” me I could not respond. Well actually you blocked me. Carl Wimmer did the same to me last year. Do you think I care? Not the slightest. You two are of the same vine. You only friended me cause y’all thought I would vote for your croonie. You were a disappointment because you left your post at the legislature. You should not have taken the job int he first place. Just ’cause we live in the same town and shop at the same stores doesn’t mean I have to think like you. In fact I am so sick and tired of this Tea Party stuff that I am going to join the Democratic party. I think more and more of us are sick of this logic. By the way; Dan is not the man!

  2. honest pollster Says:

    I’d like for your readers to support my presidential poll regarding the election this fall.

    Thanks again for participating


  3. hollyonthehill Says:

    Actually, Sharon, “tea bagger” is a sexual slur.

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