Dan Liljenquist goes up with his first TV ad


The Deseret News, in a strongly worded editorial, agrees that Utah voters deserve the openness and transparency of a debate with both candidates side-by-side. The DNews says: “Voters have come to expect, and they deserve, an opportunity to see their candidates in open issue-oriented debate. Indeed, few skills are more important to the job of senator than the ability to argue and persuade — in committee, in the well of the Senate and in the court of public opinion.

We have previously observed that the U.S. Senate has become one of Washington’s most dysfunctional institutions, a place where the cynical misuse of position, procedure and protocol has led to a lack of accountability and transparency. Based on our effort to provide the broadest and most accessible platform for civil debate in this important primary, it appears Hatch has picked up some bad habits from the Senate. At least in this instance, he has shown he is willing to cynically use his position to block the open and transparent debate his constituents deserve. We are sorely disappointed.”

They are joined in calling for a debate by the Salt Lake Tribune (Hatch Hides), the St George Spectrum (Step up, debate), The Standard-Examiner (Thumbs Down), and the Daily Herald (Buffalo Chip).


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