Matheson flip-flops on healthcare – again


Congressman Jim Matheson, Utah’s lone Democrat in DC, is in big trouble. He faces Mayor Mia Love in November’s election and she is the rockstar-type of Republican candidate Democrats have nightmares about. Matheson, as always, has to straddle the fence and try hard not to be a Democrat prior to the November election.

In his quest to sound like a Republican, he voted to repeal Obamacare on Wednesday, one of only 5 Democrats to do so. The last time the House voted for repeal – in January of 2011 – he voted against it – but then again, that was just after he had won re-election and thought he was safe. He is the epitome of being for something before he was against it before he was for it and then against it.

You see, Matheson voted FOR Obamacare when he voted to move it to the floor for final passage, then when Nancy Pelosi gave him permission at the last minute, he voted against it. He then voted against the first repeal (leaving Obamacare in place), and now has voted for the repeal. Just wait for the campaign ad that says he voted to repeal Obamacare because you know they’re coming……

Let’s be honest – Matheson has become a master at keeping his head down, straddling the fence, and winning reelection time after time. He knows how to campaign and he obviously knows how to appeal to Republican voters. He has never faced a candidate like Mia, however.

In 2010, 20 House Democrats lost their seats. In 2012, this nation will add to that number and topping the casualty list will be Jim Matheson. It’s about time.


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9 Responses to “Matheson flip-flops on healthcare – again”

  1. Jordan Says:

    I agree. It’s about time we replace Matheson with Mia Love! I’ll be fighting to ensure it happens. Great post, Holly.

  2. utah_1 Says:

    For those that think Rep. Matheson helped fight “ObamaCare” when it passed, think again.

    Look at what votes he made the last week prior that helped set up what happened Sunday March 21, 2010. For those that wanted the bill to pass, he voted against it, for those that wanted it to fail, he voted to suspend the rules so it could pass. Time to vote Rep. Matheson out.

    Look at votes 129, 130, as well as votes 159, 160, 162 and 163

    He did the same thing months before:

    Look at votes 881, 882, 884, 885, 886, 887

  3. Aaron Gabrielson Says:

    Jim Matheson = World Class Fence Sitter

  4. Sue Connor Says:

    How any one can still vote for Mia Love after seeing her Anti Love budget plan that cuts important services to our children and our community’s sick and poor! Is this what we want to see happening in Utah? Is this what all of the LDS church goers in UT really believe are the “right” principles to sustain. So lacking in compassion for those less privileged that the the GOP leaders in our state. Way to go Mia. You lost my vote, no matter how bad Matheson is.

  5. Aaron Gabrielson Says:

    Unfortunately, if we don’t cut these services we will be bankrupt and they will be cut anyway. If you want to preserve these programs, they need to be fiscally sound.

    Mia Love understands that running $1.4 Trillion deficits each year is not sustainable. Most government spending is now benefit payments. I do think she should be willing to cut military spending, but even if you eliminated the entire Defense Department it wouldn’t come close to balancing the budget.

    It is time to face reality. We can no longer spend for benefits today with borrowed money. Watch what is happening in Europe to see where that road leads.

    In order to save the Republic, we must make some tough choices. I think Mia Love can do it. It will take many more like her to get it done.

    Rep. Jim Matheson, never takes the hard choice. He votes for whatever will get him elected the next time around. He has NO feasible plan to balance the budget. I have asked him face to face and he couldn’t answer the question. He told me he thinks we can cut out waste to balance the budget. He is dreaming. Our unfunded liabilities (promises) now total $100 Trillion dollars. It can’t be done. We have to scale back what we have promised or we will borrow ourselves into bankruptcy.

    How compassionate is it to bankrupt our country?

  6. jbt Says:

    If DINO Jim Matheson is replaced by a Republican, will anyone be able to tell the difference? Color me a disapointed and disgruntled Democrat.

  7. Ronald D. Hunt Says:


    At least he is part of the right caucus, and is one less seat the dems need to pickup for control the house in 2013.

    And I can think of people with much deeper problems to deal with then Matheson….

  8. jeromefromlayton Says:

    I think he also voted to hold AG Holder in Contempt of Congress. On the other hand, he consistently votes to approve “Card Check” union organizing which allows a minority of employees (and sometimes non-employees) to coerce workers into joining a union. Rep. Matheson should remember that Utah is a Right to Work Law state.

  9. markg91359 Says:

    What we really need in Utah is to eliminate the very last vestige that we may have a two-party political system left. Let’s convince everyone outside this state that people here have minds that only move in one direction. Never mind the fact that Jim Matheson has seniority in Congress that can actually benefit our state. Never mind the fact that we already have several crackpot tea-party conservatives in Congress. Finally, forget the fact that Matheson actually voted to repeal Obamacare.

    Sorry, Mia Love is going the way of Liljenquist. The ashheap of tea-party failures.

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