Orrin Hatch: Ready to compromise


This morning, the AP published a long article about Orrin Hatch and his willingness to cut deals. They start off by pointing out his close relationship with the late Senator Ted Kennedy, and how he didn’t talk about that much (read: at all) during the recent campaign.  Now that his election to a 7th term is all but assured, he wants a deal. “To get it, he says he’ll practice the art of compromise over the take-my-marbles-and-leave mentality that has tied up Congress in recent years.”

“Washington’s political tribal chiefs know that the conservatism Hatch has emphasized in his re-election campaign co-exists with an interest in getting results on Capitol Hill and a long-demonstrated willingness to compromise,” says the article, which then goes on to lists some well-known examples of Hatch’s comprising.

Partnering with Ted Kennedy to pass SCHIP (that we couldn’t afford), partnering with Chris Dodd to produce federally subsidized child care (that we couldn’t afford), and let’s not forget Medicare Part D, whose $16 trillion in unfunded liabilities we CLEARLY could not afford…Those kind of “compromises” are what got us in to the mess we are in today.

Vice-President Biden says he hopes the days of Hatch’s compromising return. Henry Waxman says Hatch is “one of the best.” “No one suggests that Hatch, for all his red meat bluster lately, comes back to the Senate next year any less of a dealmaker,” says the AP.


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3 Responses to “Orrin Hatch: Ready to compromise”

  1. Ronald D. Hunt Says:

    “Partnering with Ted Kennedy to pass SCHIP (that we couldn’t afford)”

    How many of your adopted kids benefited from SCHIP or other similar Federally paid for health care program?

  2. Jerome Borden Says:

    Lately, he has gotten better on that Filibuster thing and this is a good thing. All we can do is to remind him how he got that 70% win in the Primary. I think that had something to do with Conservative principals. I know it’s “old school” in education, but repetition works. So, keep reminding him.

  3. Shame on you, Orrin Hatch | Bell Book Candle Says:

    […] Orrin Hatch: Ready to compromise (hollyonthehill.wordpress.com) […]

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