Mitt Romney: Turn-around expert


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  1. nacilbupera Says:

    The truth about Romney’s so-called leadership of the 2002 Olympics?

    According to the GAO, the $1.3 bailout secured by Romney cost the US taxpayers more than all previous US Olympics combined:

    Sen. McCain called the boondoggle “outrageous” and a “disgrace”. A $100K profit on a $1.3B bailout? Sounds to me like lobbying, not leadership. Check out video here:

    Btw, Romney himself registered as a lobbyist while having the chutzpah to criticize his rivals on their lobbying activities (h/t SL Tribune Political Cornflakes):

    Romney’s record, in contrast to the campaign rhetoric, shows him willing to continue outlandish government spending rather than to secure financial–let alone personal–freedoms for We the People. I see little difference in Romneyism from the statism we now suffer.

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