Mitt Romney ad hits hard on welfare reform


In a new ad released today, Mitt Romney goes after the recent changes in the work requirements in TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families).


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One Response to “Mitt Romney ad hits hard on welfare reform”

  1. jbtalcott Says:

    This ad is a complete lie. What the new administrative waiver does is allow more state control over the implementation and reporting of the welfare to work program in the individual states requesting the waiver.

    It DOES NOT remove the work requirement. In fact it actually enhances that part of the program since states requesting the waiver must demonstrate an increase of at least 20% in welfare recipients finding jobs or their request for a waiver will be denied.

    Ironically Mitt Romney himself as governor of Massachusetts requested the same type of waiver to allow more state control of the federally funded welfare program in his state.

    President Obama’s action was in direct response to input received at a meeting with state governor’s including our own Gary Herbert in which the (mostly Republican) governors lobbied for more state control of the program. More state control, after all, is one of the core principles upon which the Republican party is founded.

    This is why the Romney ad is based upon such a blatant lie. It appears his campaign will go to any lengths to try to divert attention away from the fact that he refuses to make public more of his tax returns.

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