Paul Ryan – Romney’s VP choice!


Last night, Twitter exploded with the news that Mitt Romney would be announcing his VP selection this morning at 7 am, Utah time. It wasn’t long before the Twitterverse was on fire with the news that the presumptive GOP nominee had tapped Congressman Paul Ryan to join him on the presidential ticket. Folks on the right were ecstatic and folks on the left were apoplectic. It took about 4.5 nanoseconds before the name-calling started.

I am SO excited for this Romney/Ryan combo – this country desperately needs a “Comeback Team”. Who better to turn around this ship-of-state than the duo with public and private sector experience and a PLAN for true reforms that addresses welfare and entitlements. We’ve been fiddling around the edges of our nation’s financial crisis forever while the problems have gotten worse – this pick signals to that Romney is serious about real reforms.

I’ve been on the campaign trail for months – everywhere we went we heard the same thing – we MUST get our fiscal house in order. Business as usual in Washington must end. Paul Ryan is the man with the plan. (Check out this profile piece on the “Man with a Plan” from the Weekly Standard – it’s excellent.)

An intellectual heavyweight, he can also articulate his positions and platform. Can you just see the VP debate between him and Joe Biden?

Paul Ryan has the backbone to say what needs so desperately to be said. We are out of money.
“Hiding spending does not REDUCE spending,” says Ryan- so simple, yet such a difficult concept for some…. Check out this clip.

Jonah Goldberg fired off a quick post about the VP pick late last night. He listed the following pros: Shoring up the conservative base (tea partiers love Paul Ryan), Romney can make bold decisions, helps communicate this is a new Republican party, Republicans actually have a plan for the future, and finally, the awesomeness of the upcoming VP debate.

Check it out, then buckle up for the next three months – it will be one heck of a thrilling ride.


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  2. jbt Says:

    Senator Ryan was the candidate Democrats were hoping Romney would pick. This selection cements Romney’s connection to the Ryan budget plan, that when described to the public in detail will ring the death knell for the chance of Republicans taking back the White House in 2012.

    The primary issue the Democrats will use is destroying Medicare as we know it and replacing that with a risky voucher plan. Polls show that a majority of Americans are already opposed to that idea.

    The other issue is the “austerity” in the Ryan plan to reduce the deficit while the country is struggling to come out of the recession. There is ample evidence throughout Europe of the economic failure of the “austerity” approach as outlined in the Ryan Budget.

    First Romney gives the Democrats the gift of his gaffe filled trip to Europe. Next he is giving Democrats the gift of Paul Ryan’s extremism to help clearly define the difference in each party’s concern for the middle class. Thank you Willard Mitterand Romney. Keep the gifts (and gaffs) coming, and you truly will be “unemployed” come November.

  3. Ronald D. Hunt Says:

    “voucher plan”

    Coupon not voucher, voucher would suggest that you could exchange the voucher for the expected coverage which is not the case. Seniors will have to cover the premium difference from the voucher to the price that private insurance companies would charge them.

    By 2030 this difference will be over $7,000 dollars for the average senior, mind you if they repeal the PPACA they won’t be protected from pre existing conditions and such and will have to come up with even more money to cover their health care.

  4. jbt Says:

    The commonly used term is “voucher”. But whatever it is called it will take money away from senior citizens. This along with giving more tax breaks to the wealthy are the components of the “Ryan Budget” that define the stark contrast between the two political parties in this presidential election. Taking money from programs that are designed to help the disadvantaged to balance the budget is a farce. If the Republican right really wanted to balance the budget they would agree to increase revenue along with cutting expenditures. It is all about giving more money and power to their base—corporations and the 1% at the expense of what’s best for the nation.

  5. Ronald D. Hunt Says:

    He can call it whatever he wants, but because it can not be traded wholesale for the medical coverage required means that by definition its a coupon.

    Least transparency in a campaign ever. Maybe that can dump him at the convention still!

  6. markg91359 Says:

    I’m so glad he picked Ryan. Rubio or Portman would have added real strength to the ticket. Now Ohio looks certain for the democrats and Florida may go democratic. That’s it folks. If that Obama wins those states its over. If he wins one of the two, he’s almost certainly won.

    For a man as astute as Mitt Romney is this decision surprises me.

  7. pops Says:

    When are Democrats going to get serious about federal deficits and the debt instead of whining about the people who are serious? We’ll see how wonderful Medicare is when the government is bankrupt and can no longer borrow.

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