Matheson = Obama


You knew it was coming…..


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5 Responses to “Matheson = Obama”

  1. Sue Connor Says:

    Well he IS a Democrat, even if he votes with the Republicans enough to keep his job. He represents his constituents well – moderate and independent Utahns. Mia Love represents extreme, right tea party values, not moderate or even regular conservative Utah constituents.

  2. Richard Warnick Says:

    Rep. Matheson voted with the Republicans so many times, and where is the gratitude? He voted to repeal the ACA, voted to hold AG Holder in contempt, voted for torture, voted for the Stupak Amendment, voted against raising the debt limit, voted for the Tea Party balanced budget amendment, voted for the anti-consumer bankruptcy bill, voted for the USA PATRIOT Act three times, voted against withdrawal from Iraq, etc.

    I know they say Matheson support for the GOP is a calculated political move. I just don’t know how that’s supposed to work, because Republicans are always going to vote for a Republican, and Democrats would like the opportunity to vote for a real Democrat.

  3. jeromefromlayton Says:

    Matheson is claiming to be a “Blue Dog”, but some of his votes even put this claim in question. For example, he consistently votes to support “Card Check” union organizing which allows the NLRB and organized Labor Unions to force unwilling members to accept “representation” that they have to support with money withdrawn from their pay checks. Utah is a Right to Work law state but Congressman Matheson isn’t supporting his constituents on this one.

  4. Ronald D. Hunt Says:

    “For example, he consistently votes to support “Card Check””

    Card check reforms the grossly corrupt system for voting on unionizing, which is currently setup in a way that allows employers to intimidate and fire employees before such votes are held.

    “that they have to support with money withdrawn from their pay checks.”

    That simply is not the case, the employee free choice act makes to changes to current law on union dues. And no one is required to be a member of the union or pay dues in any state to hold employment, this also doesn’t change under the employee free choice act.

    The employee free choice act, makes unionizing rules more consistent across the nation which would be good for both business and labor. It will help to close the huge wage gap between rural states and urban states, Wages in urban states out perform rural states currently.

  5. pops Says:

    What is the “grossly corrupt system for voting on unionizing”? The secret ballot?

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