The words are the same. The problems have gotten worse.


Are you better off?


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9 Responses to “The words are the same. The problems have gotten worse.”

  1. Richard Warnick Says:

    Congratulations, Republicans. You have divided America and sabotaged the economic recovery with public sector layoffs, filibusters, and threats about government shutdowns. Where President Obama is wrong is in thinking that he can get any cooperation from you after he’s re-elected.

  2. Jan Chisholm Gates Says:

    You didn’t watch it did you Richard? You commented without the knowledge of what was actually shown.

  3. Jerome Borden Says:

    The Republican “bench” is getting deeper. One of the Rock Stars of the gathering was Mia Love and she had a message worthy of Horatio Alger. In short, We DID It! (and you can, too.)

  4. jeromefromlayton Says:

    After seeing the 2008/2012 comparison, it reminded me of some math courses I’ve taken over the years. If f(2008) = f(2012) and the first is divided by the second, the answer is “1”, in other words, nothing changed. That also means he hasn’t learned from his experience. But, WE HAVE!

  5. jbtalcott Says:

    If one were to compare Mitt Romney’s speeches over the years in various campaigns they would not reveal the consistency of focus and message that is shown in this video of Barack Obama. They would reveal completely opposite positions on many topics. Mitt Romney is salesman in that he has lots of experience in selling himself to the audience he is in front of. But by the same token his changing positions and message shows his lack of principle.

    My question for Republicans is, “Were you better off after the 8 years of the Bush administration than you were before?”. If your answer is no, then why do you think that the Romney/Ryan policies that are in many ways identical to those failed policies the Bush era are going to work the second time around?

  6. Richard Warnick Says:

    I did watch the video. And my takeaway is that Republicans are congratulating themselves for trying to stall economic recovery efforts since January 2009… with some success. Massive public sector layoffs by Republican governors largely canceled out private sector job creation.

  7. ttunac Says:

    In fairness Holly, put up Romney contrasts also:

  8. Pops Says:

    The essence of Obama’s message is this: “It is against the law for you to go over to your rich neighbor’s house and take his stuff, but if you vote for me the government will do it for you.”

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