Pro-Choice. Unless it’s education, food, or belonging to a union.


Oy. “I’m pro-intervention.”


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3 Responses to “Pro-Choice. Unless it’s education, food, or belonging to a union.”

  1. Lynn Taylor Says:

    AND… In closely related news:—the-party-of-inclusion

  2. jbtalcott Says:

    While we are taking an issue to its illogical extreme.

    1. Should parents have the choice to not put a young child in a car seat when they drive?

    2. Should consumers have the choice to buy food containing known carcinogens?

    3. Should airline passengers have the choice to fly on aircraft that have not met safety maintenance requirements?

    4. Should patients have a choice to get surgical procedures done by an unlicensed physician?

    5. Should people have the choice to park wherever they wish and ignore handicapped parking places?

    6. Should people who smoke have the choice to smoke anywhere they wish?

    7. Should people have the choice obtain any drug they want without a prescription?

    A woman’s reproductive health decisions should be decided by a woman herself and her personal physician—not by the government.

    To compare that very private and personal area of a woman’s life to the government discouraging unhealthy eating habits that drive up the cost of health care for all of us is a very juvenile argument.

  3. Pops Says:

    So what’s wrong with being pro-choice on education, food, and belonging to unions?

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