Romney ad: Dear Daughter


Speaking of the Obama “War on Women”, Romney has released this ad. $50,000 in debt from Day One, higher unemployment for women and more women in poverty in nearly a generation.


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One Response to “Romney ad: Dear Daughter”

  1. Don M Says:

    here’s another one…
    Dear Daughter, as you come into this life you were born into debt. As of right now the Federal Government has borrowed $50,000 in your name.

    They borrowed this money to pay for things like insolvent crony capitalism projects that went bankrupt, college women’s contraception, to pay salary and benefits for nearly 2 years to individuals who were not working, for frivolous non quality of life extending procedures for seniors, to pay private companies to rebuild economies over seas, to maim, poison and kill innocent women and children in the name of terrorism, to send food, medicine and grants to foreign countries who’s citizens want to kill us largely due to our governments choices.

    Dear daughter you were born with these frivolous debts and had no say in it all and the worst part is that it will continue to grow every year and eventually be passed onto your children.

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