Mia Love on top in polls!


For the first time in his political career, Jim Matheson is behind in the polls by double-digits. A poll conducted by Public Opinion Strategies has Republican Mia Love 15 points ahead of Matheson, now leading 51% to 36%. That is a commanding margin and a reversal of the latest polls taken right before the RNC convention, witch had Matheson at 51% and Love at 35%.

It really should not be a surprise, however. Mia’s rockstar performance at the RNC, the national backing she has gotten both financially and in endorsements, and who can forget – she has the backing of presidential nominee Mitt Romney. (In case Jim has forgotten, Mitt is pretty darn popular in Utah.)

You really could have called this one without a poll, however. You need look no further than the desperation of Jim Matheson and negativity of his latest attacks on Mayor Love. Campaign advisor Ivan Dubois noted: “Unfortunately Matheson is playing the same old Washington games, letting his allies launch negative personal attacks and then claim he doesn’t care. With Jim Matheson’s support withering away, it’s really no wonder his campaign and Washington allies have become increasingly petty and desperate.”

Sadly, Matheson’s attacks will likely only intensify in the next 43 days as he desperately tries to cling to a seat he thinks is his by birthright.


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3 Responses to “Mia Love on top in polls!”

  1. Larry Jensen Says:

    Landslide coming… Now that the Democrat Jims (Matheson and Debakis) have a established season-low in gutter campaigning by going after Mia’s immigrant parents, all Matheson needs is Harry Reid to publicly endorse him along with some gossip from a “very reliable inside source” (his imagination) like, um, Mia hasn’t paid taxes in 10 years and Utah voters can unapologetically flush the entire Democrat ticket in November.

  2. jeromefromlayton Says:

    By the way, who counts our ballots here in Utah? Is it that Spanish owned company with the George Soros connection? Meanwhile, the Big Labor hacks owe Jim Matheson dearly for all that support of Card Check Organizing that could undermine Utah’s Right to Work Law. So, if you are helping Mia, maintain situational awareness so that nothing gets messed up.

  3. Richard Warnick Says:

    The Dems abandoned support for the Employee Free Choice Act in 2009. So Jerome has nothing to worry about – Utah’s reputation for cheap labor is secure.

    I support Mia because if she is elected we might get a real Democrat to run against her in 2014.

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