Teacher defaces student’s Romney shirt


What the heck? A Philadelphia high school honor student was ordered by her teacher to get out of the classroom when she entered wearing a Romney/Ryan t-shirt on a casual dress day.

“I came in, and [my teacher] said, ‘Are you wearing a Mitt Romney shirt?’ She pointed and said, ‘Get out of the class.’ And I said, ‘no.’”

Samantha says her teacher went on to tell her that she couldn’t wear ‘a Republican shirt in a Democratic school.’

“She took a red marker drew on it, and then she told me to take off my shirt and she would give me a different one,” she said.



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5 Responses to “Teacher defaces student’s Romney shirt”

  1. Deila Says:

    wow, no hiding that one. And one more reason I homeschool!

  2. jbtalcott Says:

    In Utah entire schools and school districts would not allow their students watch President Obama’s address to the nation’s schools. In one local school even the teachers were banned from watching the President on t.v. in the faculty room in case a student might walk past and catch a glimpse of the President or overhear a word or two of his address. If anyone wants to discuss the 1st Amendment, let’s talk about that highly partisan and seemingly prejudiced attempt to quash free speech in our schools right here in Utah County.

    @ Delia

    If your children attended public school they just might learn that sentences are started with capital letters and how to use proper sentence structure to express their thoughts clearly. Some of us believe that the role of education is to open people’s minds—not close them. That’s why I support public education.

  3. ERIC in Murray Says:

    jBT: Obama is a commie and most UTAH teachers are not, unlike you.
    And your comment to Delia is stupid and shows your hatred. Just like you and your so-called president. You and your support of public education is not needed. Again, just like your so-called president.

  4. jbt Says:

    So I am a Communist and so is President Obama. Can you offer some proof of those accusations Eric? It is really easy to pull things out of your “backside”. It is more difficult to back up what you write on these forums. I do appreciate your comments because they genuinely reflect the level of intellect of those whose opinions I disagree with. You represent your side very well with your inane name calling and ridiculous comments. Keep up the good work.

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