Mia Love raises over $1 million in 3rd quarter



Mia raised over a million dollars from July 1 to Sept 30.

When fundraising numbers were released in July for the previous three months, Mayor Love had raised $355,000 to Matheson’s $361,000. She made what the Salt Lake Tribune called a “bold prediction.” “I have no doubts that we will outraise him next quarter.” The Trib went on to say “It’s unusual for a challenger to mirror the fundraising of an incumbent and even rarer for one to outperform a sitting lawmaker.”

Welcome to a whole new world.

She did far more than mirror Matheson. She crushed him.

(At least that’s the presumption, since Matheson is loathe to release his numbers until forced to by law….watch for those numbers as close to the 15th as possible. I’d be surprised it he reached half that amount.)

The total Mia raised for the 3rd quarter was $ 1,019,477.92 from 13,284 individual donors. (Most of Matheson’s money, on the other hand, comes from PACs, including that PAC Jon Huntsman keeps funding.)

That’s an awesome total that will let Mia stay competitive with TV and radio ads through the last few weeks of this campaign. I hope Jim & Co have hired some resume writers. They’re gonna need ’em.


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