Rob Bishop endorses Mia Love, swings hard at Matheson


20121011-124719.jpgToday, Congressman Rob Bishop officially endorsed Mia Love for Congress. That’s not a big surprise. What was unusual, though, is how hard he swung at Matheson, someone who has been a colleague for a decade. Today, he pulled no punches.

Here are excerpts from his speech:

I am here because our country is headed in the wrong direction. To avoid financial ruin and restore the greatness of the country we need men and women who are committed, who are experienced and who can lead from the front.

As he announced his endorsement of Mayor Love, he stated it was because she is an “accomplished public servant who has cut spending, balanced budgets, and made the tough fiscal choices that serve the interest of her community.”

He then went after Matheson:

I know Jim Matheson and he is a nice guy, a good man and comes from a good family. Mia Love is a nice person who comes from a good, hard working family, too. However, nice and good simply aren’t enough anymore. The reality is that when I voted against Obama’s failed stimulus package, Jim Matheson canceled me out. When I voted to repeal all of ObamaCare, Jim canceled me out. When I voted to reform Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Jim canceled me out. In 2011, Jim canceled me out almost 200 times. That is not the way we put Utah first.

In fact, some would say it’s hard to predict where Jim Matheson is going to stand on many of the issues. We can’t afford that kind of uncertainty at this moment. On spending, bailouts, taxes, or even ObamaCare, Utah needs a united front.

Bishop praised Mayor Love’s elected experience and called her a been-there-done-that candidate who has almost a decade working where the rubber meets the road in local government. A place, he said, “where you have to balance budgets every year, where you can’t hide behind token votes, and where you have to look your constituents in the eye every day and tell them what you are doing and why.”

There’s no denying that Mayor Mia Love believes we have to elliminate wasteful spending, balance the budget, and keep taxes low. How do we know? Because that is her record as an accomplished public servant, serving her community, persuading others to join her in doing the right thing, and showing the kind of leadership in Saratoga Springs that we desperately need in Washington.

Congressman Bishop reminded everyone who might have forgotten that Mia Love is endorsed by Governor Mitt Romney and Congressman Paul Ryan – and that they have her on the presidential stump as well.

Mia Love is not bashful about who she is supporting for president, and there’s no question that Governor Romney would cast a vote for Mia Love if he could. Paul Ryan has also said that while Jim is a nice enough guy, we need real reformers and leaders in Washington – and that is why he has endorsed Mia as well…Matheson has previously publicly stated he is supporting President Obama, but now won’t respond to the question.

There is no question that Governor Romney has already called on Mia to raise her voice and Utah’s voice in helping him win in key battleground states like Ohio and Nevada. In a critical election he trusts Mia’s ability to truly lead people to the principles and policies that made our country great.

Mia is going to be a FABULOUS addition to the Utah delegation.


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