Voices without a vote


Listen up, people. We are burdening the next generation – and several more after that – with unconscionable debt. Time for action. These kids can’t vote. You can. Get out there and do it.


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3 Responses to “Voices without a vote”

  1. Richard Warnick Says:

    The solution is simple. Get rid of the Bush-Obama Tax Cuts For The Rich. Tax capital gains same as income. Add a millionaire’s income tax bracket and enact the Buffett Rule. Pay down the National Debt that Bush doubled.

  2. Scott K (@SpeckK) Says:

    Obama has added the same $5t to the debt Bush did in half the time. He’s on track to double the national debt in 8 years just like Bush did. You’re kidding yourself if you believe Obama’s plan to raid Medicare to pay for Medicaid expansion will ever be paid back. Or that any medical costs will go down in America without incentives. The currently legislated price controls will be lifted at the last minute as always, bundled with a bunch of pork, just like every piece of emergecy legislation.

    As for millionaire taxes, 438,000 US millionaires aren’t enough to stem the flow of a $1.2t deficit. http://www.factcheck.org/2012/04/obama-and-the-buffett-rule/
    The Buffett rule only nets the US $20b, 1.5% of Obama era deficits. How are you going to cover the other 98% of the deficit before the rich leave. Or before interest rates go up making it harder to repay the $10t debt we’ve racked up over the last dozen years?

  3. Ronald D. Hunt Says:

    “As for millionaire taxes, 438,000 US millionaires aren’t enough to stem the flow of a $1.2t deficit.”

    Clearly we need Obama to keep winding down the wars as he has been doing, cut the defense department as he has been doing.

    Along with doing everything Richard points out, Passing a medicare based public option to supplement the PPACA could save another $150 billion dollars over ten years, and add more life to the medicare trust fund.

    And to be clear $609 billion is the projected 2015 deficit; which is less then half the size of the $1.4-$1.7 trillion dollar deficit the prior republican administration had left.

    I suspect that after Obama wins he will continue to shrink the projections and the real 2015 deficit will be much smaller. Of course this is common knowledge at this point, Republicans Debt and spend and Democrats pay the bills for the binge spending; Clinton paid for Reagan and Bush Sr’s spending and Obama is paying for Bush’s record spending binge. I toke Clinton a few years to get the raging Reagan/Bush Sr. deficits down, Their is no reason to think it will be any different with Obama.

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