Paul Ryan: Mitt Romney will confront our debt crisis


“We have never knowingly given our kids an inferior standard of living, a diminished future, but that is exactly what we are doing by piling up this mountain of debt, by giving these deficits. And it takes leadership to confront this. That’s what Mitt Romney and I are offering. We are not going to run away from these problems; we’re going to run at these problems to solve these problems before they get out of our control.” – Paul Ryan


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5 Responses to “Paul Ryan: Mitt Romney will confront our debt crisis”

  1. Scott Sholar Says:

    Thank you for sharing. I wrote a piece on the unfair VP debate yesterday.

  2. Richard Warnick Says:

    The federal deficit is nearly $300 billion smaller than when President Obama took office.

  3. ERIC in Murray Says:

    MADkkkOW? MSNLSD? Dick? Really? What planet you you morons live on? How do you pay your light bill? Oh, sorry, disability payments and welfare is now REALLY FREE. My bad.Stupidity really does pay it seems.

  4. jbt Says:

    @ Eric. Can you make even one intelligent point without resorting to name calling, hyperbole, and insults? If you can, show us. If you can’t, just continue as usual. You are hurting your side far more than you are helping.

  5. ERIC in Murray Says:

    NO JBT. I learned everthing I know from you and Alynsky. If I pay for your trip to dc in January, can you help you communist leader move?

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