What did Obama know and when did he know it?


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10 Responses to “What did Obama know and when did he know it?”

  1. jbtalcott Says:

    AT 4:18 “No act of terror will shake the resolve of this great nation.”

  2. Richard Warnick Says:

    Republicans had a chance to show the kind of patriotism that Dems showed after the 9/11 attacks in 2001. They decided to use Libya as an opportunity for petty partisan attacks. This will not be forgotten.

  3. Richard Warnick Says:

    Media Matters has the facts here:

  4. hollyonthehill Says:

    Media Matters has the facts? Hahahahahaha

  5. Richard Warnick Says:

    Yes, they do. Trying to double down on the lies in an attempt to save Romney after he embarrassed himself so badly in the last debate isn’t going to work. And Monday’s debate will be all about foreign policy. I’ll have my popcorn ready.

  6. jbtalcott Says:

    Here is one point for the Republicans to consider as they attempt to turn the administration’s releasing of information with regard to this tragedy into their own political gain.

    Terrorism is about much more than the “terrorist” attack itself. It has to do with the spread of fear within the population that is the object of the terrorist’s hatred and need for revenge.

    As news reports “sensationalize” an event such as the attack on the embassy at Benghazi by assigning blame to a specific terrorist group or organization, it is furthering that group’s agenda. By the media assigning blame to a particular group, it is also giving that group “the credit” as viewed from the perspective of that adversary.

    It is entirely possible that the Obama administration which has been gathering and analyzing up to the minute intelligence on this incident from the CIA and other security agencies chose not to play into the terrorist’s hands by granting them the headlines around the world that would proclaim al-Qaeda is back as strong as ever in a second 9/11 attack.

    It is inconceivable to me that the administration that has been surgically removing top al-Qaeda leaders one at a time around the glob based upon the most sophisticated intelligence gathering network the world has ever known, would somehow bungle the intelligence and reporting of this single incident. There is certainly more to this story beneath the surface, than Obama’s critics realize.

    However the facts play our in the next several weeks, one thing is certain. The attempts of the Romney campaign and the Republican party to score political points from the manner in which the unfortunate deaths of Americans abroad is reported is despicable, unpatriotic, and Un-American to say the least. Neither Romney nor Ryan have any foreign policy experience to run on and so they desperately needed a “straw man” in an attempt to tear down President Obama’s foreign policy successes. The families of those killed in Benghazi deserve better than the political grandstanding over the graves of their loved ones that is taking place at the present time.

  7. Richard Warnick Says:

    Libya is a very dangerous place right now, terrorist groups are active there, and our ambassador obviously did not have adequate security. However, the intelligence reporting that we know of does in fact link the attack on the Benghazi consulate to the spike of outrage over a YouTube video. So far, there is no evidence of the kind of advance planning typical of al-Qaeda. Many of the attackers did not have weapons, and may have joined in spontaneously for the chance to engage in looting.


    Everybody ought to have learned their lessons during the Bush administration. An overly ideological foreign policy driven by a bunch of neocons who want a so-called War on Terror as a replacement for the Cold War (and the lucrative defense contracts that came with it) is a recipe for a series of disasters.

  8. Ronald D. Hunt Says:

    Never mind the $400 million dollars the republicans cut from the embassy security budget!!!

    This is looking more like another of Issa’s idiotic fishing expeditions that is turns out the republicans where the largest contributing part of the problem.

    Issa in the process of his fishing expedition has put Libyan lives on the line when he forgot to redact the names of Libyan informants from the documents.

    This republican congress has got to be about the WORST congress in history.

  9. hollyonthehill Says:

    Did you listen to the 4 hours of testimony in front of the Rep Issa’s committee? I did. The State Dept testified under oath that it was not a money issue.

  10. Ronald D. Hunt Says:

    Like anything it is a collection of issues, could the extra security guards have made a difference.. the state department doesn’t think so, not sure I entirely buy that.

    I find it far more likely that the State department would rather the situation be written off as a terrible situation gone bad then play the blame game with an ideological congress who would push budgets and legislation that would further the ends of creating opportunities to blame Obama for something.

    Either way, this still doesn’t absolve Issa from handing our enemies a list of names of people who are informants. Where does he think he gets off putting these people in the line of fire. If any of them end of dead the blood is on his hands as he assisted in their murder.

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