Mitt Romney: Join me in supporting Mia Love


You know – in case you were wondering…..


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4 Responses to “Mitt Romney: Join me in supporting Mia Love”

  1. Richard Warnick Says:

    It would be great if Mia gets elected and votes against reckless spending. Like Romney’s extra $2 trillion for more wars.

  2. ERIC in Murray Says:

    Give it up Warnikkk. What will you do when We The People take back out Federal government and slash the heck out of the fat that your kind live on?

  3. jbtalcott Says:

    “take back out”?

  4. jeromefromlayton Says:

    NRA drank the Fool Aid and endorsed Matheson. For the real score, check Gun Owners of America (GOA) and it turns out that Matheson’s current score is a “C” while Mia Love gets the “A”. A lot of our children and grand children use Health Savings Accounts in cooperation with high-deductible insurance policies for their health care. Obama’s scheme trashes both of them. More reasons to send Mia to Washington and Jimbo packing. Got any empty U-Haul boxes? Drop them off at the Matheson campaign HQ. Maybe they’ll get the message.

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