Will Romney get the coveted Jim Matheson endorsement?


The Washington Free Beacon ran a fun article today “The Trials of Jim Matheson” talking about the Romney surge (OK, tsunami) and how it caught him flat-footed.

Mitt Romney’s swing from conservative underdog to presidential contender has complicated the political landscape for a handful of moderate Democrats who were banking on tepid Republican turnout in their traditionally red states.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the Republican stronghold of Utah where Romney’s surge in the national polls has reenergized the electorate and frustrated the political fortunes of Democratic Rep. Jim Matheson.

Matheson chose to run outside the district he lives in – why? Because he thought the GOP nominee in the 4th would be easier to beat? Certainly seems that way. But – he miscalculated. Not only did he underestimate Mia, it appears he underestimated the Romney tsunami.

Now, with super tight polling (none of which puts Matheson over 50%, by the way), he might be looking for a Hail Mary.

“It’s becoming clear to all of us that one of the last hail Mary passes he can throw is to do something over the top and out of the ordinary,” said one senior political official in Utah who, like others, spoke anonymously to the Free Beacon.

“This momentum shift has occurred and there’s a likelihood the Republican could win,” the source said. “Now, Matheson is in a precarious position that three weeks ago was not the case.”

Matheson was claiming Romney needed him in the House when he was President – until Romney endorsed and cut ads for Mia.

As the Free Beacon points out:

His campaign website avoids the term “Democrat” and touts endorsements from the National Rife Association and Jon Huntsman Sr., the father of Utah’s former Republican governor and failed presidential candidate Jon Huntsman.

The word “Democrat” is also missing from Matheson’s biography, which describes him as “an independent voice for change.”

Matheson’s camp didn’t quite deny that Matheson would endorse Romney.

“That sounds to me like an unfounded rumor,” Alyson Heyrend, Matheson’s communications director.

Remember, he told the Salt Lake Tribune in the spring that he “plans to vote for Obama.” Now, he won’t answer that question, even when asked directly.

The Free Beacon notes Matheson’s distancing of himself from Obama:

Others point to a recent debate between Matheson and Love as evidence that Obama’s ailing poll numbers have forced the Democrat to change his game plan.

Asked by Love about his support for Obama, Matheson instead discussed his ability to work with Romney.

“I’m not Barack Obama,” Matheson stated. “In a Romney presidency, I’d be the first to reach across the aisle to work with him to make sure he’s successful.”

Bwahahahahaha. Sure.


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  1. jeromefromlayton Says:

    Before you take that NRA endorsement, go check out Gunowners of America (gunowners.org) for their Matheson score. Currently, it’s a C- while both Bishop and Chaffetz have A+ ratings.

    By the way, last I heard, Rep. Matheson and Pres. Obama were endorsing each other. Sleep with dogs, wake up with fleas…

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