Pulling down a post, going back to sewing


This is me today. *Facepalm* indeed

So – I just posted about an email sent to me from a disgruntled Matheson volunteer saying Matheson’s campaign is urging their volunteers to tailor their responses on who Matheson supports for President.

The Matheson campaign denies that they sent any such email. Upon further investigation, it appears that this email was made up by – surprise – someone with a fake profile.

When I emailed the “informant” back and said I would be pulling my post because it appeared to be fake, I got this message:

From: “Tanya Stanworth”
Date: October 30, 2012, 4:55:06 PM MDT
To: hollyonthehill@gmail.com
Subject: Please don’t email me here anymore Re: I am a Former Matheson volunteer and I have something you should see…

This what’ll was set up to deliver a message, I delivered and won’t be
using it anymore

Sigh. Silly season indeed. Just ask yourself one question: Why is it believable? Because Jim straddles the fence on everything. E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. NO ONE KNOWS WHERE HE STANDS. Except against Mia Love. In April, he said he was voting for Obama. In the last 6 weeks, multiple reporters have asked him POINT-BLANK who he is supporting for President and he won’t answer. To give you the straight scoop, we called his office. Guess what. They still REFUSE to answer. Absolutely, flat-out refuse. They took down a name and number and said “We’ll get back to you.” What? You have to think about it some more? If I were a Democrat, I’d be livid Matheson won’t stand for anything – including his support for the current President.

Yes, I know. I’m gonna be ripped to shreds for believing an email sent to me from a Matheson informant. At least with the people ripping me, you know where they stand. You certainly know where I stand.

What you don’t know is where Matheson stands. Still.

Now I’m going back to sewing Halloween costumes. With a raging fever. Awesome.


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12 Responses to “Pulling down a post, going back to sewing”

  1. jbtalcott Says:

    Can’t you just admit you were wrong without all of that justification and rationalization? I will give you credit for pulling your blog entry once you learned it was a lie. That is something Mitt Romney has yet to learn in his campaign ads.

  2. hollyonthehill Says:

    Well, I think that was almost, kind of, a back-handed compliment. After more daggers, but hey – it’s progress! Keep trying. I have faith in you. One day, we’ll be able to have a civil conversation.

  3. Big Wave Dave Says:

    Do you know that the entire thing was a hoax? Or did the person make up the profile to protect themselves, but the original email to Matheson volunteers may or may not have been real but there is know way to prove it now?

  4. hollyonthehill Says:

    Do you know something about it, Big Dave? Because I’m all ears. I don’t like being played. The point I made STILL is that no one knows where Matheson stands. If you have proof that the email is real, by all means, please share.

  5. Meeknmild Says:

    Bottom line …. I believe in you, I believe Matheson can’t make up his mind rather he is going North or South – could be some of his people went south with a story and Matheson wasn’t given the memo !! HA – After all, twisting the truth is a big Matheson trick – give em what they want to hear – the truth isn’t a part of his campaign – only the votes !

  6. hollyonthehill Says:

    I agree with you. I’m excited to have Mia win next week!

  7. Big Wave Dave Says:

    No, I have no idea. I was just wondering whether your evidence shows that the whole thing was not real or just that the “informant” had made up a name and profile to expose what you still suspect might be a real thing.

  8. herbmom Says:

    Holly I really enjoy your info and your honesty!

  9. Tom Grover Says:

    Holly, I salute you for admitting you were wrong. Your blog is read widely enough that if you expect to maintain and audience or credibility, you’ll need to be more careful in vetting information. And when information is incorrect or mistakes are made, you need to simply own up to them, without qualification. Posting the email was wrong whether or not Jim Matheson has disclosed whom he is voting for for President.

    As to why you are pressing Matheson as to whom he is voting for, let’s be honest. You want Matheson to come out for Obama, or more accurately against Romney, in order to help Mia Love get the most out of being down ballot from a Republican Mormon Presidential candidate in Utah. You’re invoking identity politics at the expense of substance.

    Frankly, it doesn’t matter who Matheson is voting for for President. His record is well known as a moderate and liked by many Utahns, as evidenced by his ability to survive a full decade of the Utah GOP trying to take him out with gerrymandering, money, elections and planning. Utah Republicans have done literally everything in their power to kill the only statewide Democrat off and the guy keeps living to fight another day. Maybe, just maybe, Utahns like the moderate Democrat.

    Let Mia Love stand or fall on her own merits. Don’t invoke identity politics to muddy the waters.

  10. Richard Warnick Says:

    In an election year when the amount of lying is MUCH higher than usual, one fake e-mail is a drop in the bucket. But it’s good to know credibility still counts for something. For the record, Rep. Matheson has said he plans to vote for President Obama.


  11. hollyonthehill Says:

    It does matter. Thanks, Richard.

  12. jbtalcott Says:

    Does anyone else see the irony here in attacking Jim Matheson for not taking a firm stand on issues, and then actively supporting Mitt Romney?

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