Should we retain Utah judges? Here’s a guide.


One of the frustrations in election years is how to know whether judges should be retained. The state of Utah has created a handy-dandy guide (yay!) that can help you make those decisions.

The Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission (JPEC) has compiled comprehensive evaluation reports on all judges who will appear on this year’s ballot. These reports are now available to the public here.

JPEC evaluation reports include:

* Whether the Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission recommends that the judge be retained in office;

* How attorneys, court staff and jurors rated each judge;

* How courtroom observers evaluated each judge; and

* A clear, easy-to-understand description of the judge’s performance on the bench

Additional information about the commission as well as judicial evaluations on all the judges can be found at Readers can search for a judge by name or select the county in which they live and link to all judges who serve in that county. In addition, you can go to the JPEC Facebook page and/or their Twitter page (@UtahJPEC) for more information.

Kudos to the state for providing this resource.


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5 Responses to “Should we retain Utah judges? Here’s a guide.”

  1. jbtalcott Says:

    The link provided goes to the following address which contains an error message.

    Typing in: does work. One should always test links before posting them on the internet.

  2. hollyonthehill Says:

    I did test it. I was on the website going through it before I posted. But thank you once again for your snarky condescension.

  3. Ronald D. Hunt Says:


    looks like wordpress bug to me, the way it is constructing that link string.


    yea otta check to make sure the software is upto date. For some reason your software is concatenating the link with the address for this page.

  4. hollyonthehill Says:

    I will – and appreciated the heads-up I was given on FB. No snark.

  5. jbtalcott Says:

    Anytime Holly. Glad to help. 😉

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