Matheson: Can you smell the fear yet?


Late this afternoon, the Matheson campaign hurriedly released a “memo” that proclaimed their own internal polling had them leading Mayor Mia Love in a tight race, 46-42. Coincidentally, Robert Gehrke, of the SL Tribune tweeted that the memo was released just hours before the SL Trib was due to release their own poll. This was not coincidental, I am quite sure.

Matheson, by his own admission, has not been above 50% for months and is trending the wrong direction. Mia Love is surging and has been since her rockstar performance at the RNC convention a couple months back.

This morning, yours truly was on a local TV station talking about the race and the Democratic counterpart shared some information on-air that just confirmed what many have been saying for months. Matheson thought this race was “in the bag.” He and the DCCC were surprised at how competitive it became and the Dem super-PACs and committees had to suddenly start pouring money into a race they had counted as a safe seat.

Mia Love has the campaign every challenger hopes for:

*Soaring name ID rate? Check.
*Ability to fund-raise significant amounts of money? Check.
*Earned media out the wazoo? Check.
*An effective ground game? Unparalleled. (In spite of Matheson’s assertions to the country, Mia is outpacing him at every turn.)
*Power hitters on the stump? Check.
*Popular Presidential candidate’s endorsement? Check. (She also has support from Ann Romney and Josh Romney is her campaign chair. In Utah, that’s nothing but good news)
*Supported by Republicans across the spectrum? Check. (By no stretch of the imagination, can you call Condoleeza Rice, Speaker John Boehner or Senator John McCain ultra-conservative.)

In all but Matheson’s own polls, she has been ahead for weeks. In all polls, including Matheson’s, she has moved significantly closer to the 50% mark. In no polls does Matheson hit 50%. There really is only one explanation for the Matheson memo, especial with the Gehrke teaser – he’s in deep, deep trouble.


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6 Responses to “Matheson: Can you smell the fear yet?”

  1. Meeknmild Says:

    Really tired of listening to the whining !! Mia did, Mia didn’t, Mia voted, Mia agreed – presented -OUT OF CONTEXT !!
    Too Bad Matheson, you only made yourself look bad.
    Mia Love – what Utah can live better with !!

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  3. LL Says:

    Holly – have you heard anything about the poll that Fox 13 was tweeting last night – a poll that “…gives Jim Matheson a reason to smile…”?


  4. jeromefromlayton Says:

    I saw an item where some police person complained about no raises. Could that be our public sector union toadies trying to keep Matheson’s pro-card check vote in their pocket? Note: Matheson has been a 100% supporter of Card Check Union Organizing which is in opposition to Utah’s Right to Work policy.

  5. jbtalcott Says:

    Dang. Matheson was the last moderate Republican Utah had left. After the titles of the last two blogs about Matheson Holly, you have no room to criticize others for “snarky” comments.

    “O would some power the giftie gie us to see ourselves as others see us.”

    Robert Burns

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