The Day After


To say last night was disappointing would truly be an understatement. Romney lost, Mia Love lost. Dang it. There were lots of other bummers and some nice bright spots….but that’s another post.

It’s also been disappointing and a bummer to see what has happened today: Gloating and some amazing armchair quarter-backing, both locally and nationally. Truly unbecoming.

Mia did a great job, as did Governor Mitt Romney. Props to Matheson and Obama on their wins. I mean that. They really did a great job selling their message and getting their supporters to the polls. But also props to Mitt and Mia for running good races and for leaving it all on the field. Many candidates really don’t give it their all. These two did and I’m very proud of both of them.

Here are some more great things today:

*The weather is amazing! I can’t ever remember this lovely of an early November.

*A good snowstorm is headed our way. That is also lovely in November (not so much in March….)

*We have the greatest country on earth! God bless our republic!

*I have had good friends from “across the aisle” reach out to me today. Big shout-out especially to Maryann Martindale and Jason Williams, but there are others as well. So much nicer than gloating and I very much appreciate it.

*It’s “just” politics. Yes, it’s important and yes, it’s intense, but it’s still just politics.

*Our family has had an amazing opportunity to be deeply immersed in the political process. It’s been a bonding experience for us. No, really. It has. I am very proud of my kiddos and my husband. They joined me in doing what we could to leave it all on the field for candidates and causes we believed in. I have teenage political activists in the making and I couldn’t be more pleased.

*Viva the First Amendment! As a blogger with strong opinions, I have no worries about disappearing during the night and ending up in pieces under a bridge somewhere. This is a very good thing.

*Keeping it in perspective, I didn’t just have to bury my child, like my good friends did on Saturday. Believe me, that is so much worse than losing an election.

*Thanksgiving is two weeks and a day from tomorrow. Christmas is one month after that. Lots of time to focus on home and family over the next 6 weeks. I’m looking forward to it.

Keep it classy, friends, and keep it real. Life goes on.


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35 Responses to “The Day After”

  1. Jason Williams Says:

    Holly, you continue to make me proud to be able to call you a friend (even if we can’t tell any of our friends we are friends during election years!).

  2. Elizabeth Allemann Says:

    Love you Holly. Love your intensity and your heart. I am celebrating today, but not gloating. It’s a fine line.

  3. Albert Cameron Sevy Says:

    Thank you for remembering that America is a Republic, not a “democracy” which is basically synonymous for “majority (or mob) rule”.

    I wish you Happy ThanksGiving (to God for His blessings) and
    a Wonderful ChristMass.

  4. Brenda Scharman Says:

    Holly this was beautiful …I needed it! I feel like I have been in mourning…

    Brenda Scharman
    Cameo College

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  5. Daniel Burton Says:

    Way to say, Holly. Keep at it.

  6. jbtalcott Says:

    This “warm and fuzzy” post does not make up for all of the mean spirited and smug attacks you have made toward political candidates for whom I have the greatest respect and admiration. “Aw shucks”, it’s just politics doesn’t cut it Holly. Your “laying it all on the field” is often offensive to those with a different view. It’s unfortunate you don’t have something more constructive to do than to tear down President Obama and Jim Matheson. But hey, you’ve been given 4 more years to do more of the same. That’s the real bummer.

  7. Ryan Stouffer Says:

    good one holly i needed that today. keep up the good work

  8. Craig Erickson (@CErickson85) Says:

    Great post. I know your passion for the conservative movement is rooted deep, but your gracious words about the democrats and the election shows your true character. Hopefully both sides can work together to get things straightened out.

  9. John E Says:

    Thanks, Holly.

  10. mark Says:

    I have to agree with JbTalcott. The snide comments you’ve continually made about President Obama, Jim Matheson, and virtually anyone who doesn’t tow the tea-party line. If what you seek is a bridge that allows people from different political parties to work together for the good of this nation, you haven’t sunk one piling in the river.

    I relate to the idea that people hold strong opinions. I have mine. You have yours. What’s different is that I haven’t gone around blogging for months on end about how incompetent the President, Jim Matheson, and all the democrats in Congress supposedly are.

    Maybe some day you’ll wake up and realize the contribution you’ve made towards making politics less civil, more partisan, and more of a “blood sport” than they were twenty years ago.

    No gloating here, but of course I’m glad that Romney and Love lost. I think Romney may have been the most inconsistent candidate to run for President in my lifetime. His position on any issue could always be determined by whatever constituency he seeks support from. As for Mia Love…a somewhat charismatic person who probably has a future in politics. As long as she is a captive of tea party nonsense, my prediction is she’ll never hold a position above the municipal level in politics.

  11. Susan Says:

    Have to agree with Mark. I appreciate your comments today and regarding a recent post. But the overall tone of your blog during the campaign was less than civil at a time when we really need less animosity and more compromise across parties. We all feel strongly about our respective positions but as you so clearly said today there are lots of things more important than politics and sometimes we have to step back and take a broader perspective, remembering that we are fighting for things to be better, not more divisive. Enjoy the holiday season.

  12. hollyonthehill Says:

    Guys, perhaps you missed my point. I gave my congrats to Obama and Matheson. I also wanted to let my conservative friends know that life is not over.
    But make no mistake. I am a CONSERVATIVE blogger. I don’t apologize for that and I have no plans to change that.

  13. jbtalcott Says:

    Have you ever considered going out and getting a paying job to help support your family and make a real contribution to society instead of spending so much time blaughing?

  14. hollyonthehill Says:

    What makes you think I have not been getting paid?

  15. Richard Warnick Says:

    Your are right, it is “just politics.” The national policy outcome is only going to be marginally different, just as it was following the 2008 election. But really, did Romney have to lie so much?

  16. Robyn Says:

    jbtalcott Says:
    [Your “laying it all on the field” is often offensive to those with a different view. It’s unfortunate you don’t have something more constructive to do…]

    What a solid example of the pot calling the kettle black. Wow. Just wow.

    jbtalcott Says:
    [Have you ever considered going out and getting a paying job to help support your family and make a real contribution to society instead of spending so much time blaughing?]

    This was an unbelievably rude thing to say to Holly. You should not only apologize to her, but to every stay-at-home mom the world over you just offended (and others who don’t work to make a “real contribution to society,” and apparently have no value in your eyes). I can’t BELIEVE you’re criticizing Holly for her POLITICAL opinions, when out of your mouth comes something as vile and offensive and intolerant as this. Shame on you, Mr. Talcott.

  17. DCme Says:

    Your a class act Holly… There are some very nasty people on the left… as evidenced in the comment section of your wonderfully gracious blog today. As was written on the top of the note that Ronald Regan left for Geo. H.W. Bush on the resolute desk…
    “Don’t Let The Turkey’s Get you Down”.

  18. Ronald D. Hunt Says:

    “But make no mistake. I am a CONSERVATIVE blogger.”

    Its ok, nobody is perfect *wink*!!!

    Still 9 house races that have not been called, Dems lead in 7 of them, so Dems will have gained between 7 and 14 seats by the time all is said and done.

    Puerto Rico voted in favor of statehood, so maybe we will have 51st state soon!!!

    California Dems now hold super majority in both state legislative chambers and no longer need any republican votes to pass budgets or taxes.

    Dems gain Alan Grayson back to the house, Reps lose Allen West.

    Senate how has 2 independent reps, My favor Senator Bernie Sanders(socialist!!), and Angus King, Both will caucus with the democrats.

    It has been a very interesting election, still watching the after election aftermath, the conservative media bubble appears to have burst, I hope it doesn’t do to much damage to the republican mental state we do need a strong opposition party to keep everyone honest.

    Boehner is going to have a nightmare on his hands with the narrowed majority, he was having a hard time keeping his caucus together with 23 seats of room, he will like have less that have that margin now. He will have to court democrats on almost every vote, The 50 or so of the tea party nihilist caucus that will vote for nothing less then the repeal of the 20th century are going to become the anchor that drags the republican party hopelessly into the depths.

  19. jbtalcott Says:

    @ Robyn Before you get your stay-at-home-mom panties in a twist, my point is this:

    The countless hours spent sitting on one’s buttocks bitching about President Obama in a blog on the internet does not make a positive contribution to society. Those hours could be spent making something or doing something other than tearing someone down who IS working hard to make a positive impact on people’s lives.

    I’m not by any stretch criticizing stay-at-home-moms per se. God bless ’em. I have a problem with a particular “mom” who spends hours venting her anger and perhaps hatred towards our first black president in a passive/agressive manner so typical of LDS folks. You know the ones who smile at you and pretend to be kind and loving toward all, and then say vile things about you behind your back (or in a blog), or screw people in their business dealings.

    I am particularly offended by this particular blog in which Holly tries to come across as a kind and forgiving wife and mother who is passionate about politics and leaves it all on the field, (sigh) as if she is on some noble mission to right the wrongs in the world. What I see is an angry, extreme, partisan individual who loves to draw attention to herself and takes delight in venting her hatred toward those who do not share her Tea Party extremist ideology.

    My purpose in posting on this blog is simple:

    1. To let Holly and her ilk know that conservative Mormon Republicans are not the only ones here in Utah County.

    2. To mirror back to Holly how she comes across to others who do not share her biased political views.

    I don’t apologize for that, and I have no plans to change.

  20. Robyn Says:

    jbtalcott Says:
    “Have you ever considered going out and getting a paying job to help support your family and make a real contribution to society instead of spending so much time blaughing?”

    One more thing on this. You’re quite literally the last person on earth who should be lecturing Holly, of all people, about making “real contributions to society.” You have no idea the amount of good she has done in the world. You have no idea. I’d hold your tongue before you stick your foot further in your mouth. Just a little friendly advice (not that an insulting person like you is humble enough to take it).

  21. hollyonthehill Says:

    Thanks, Robyn. In spite of JBT’s misogynistic rants, I’m gonna keep right on blogging. And here’s the really funny part. I rarely sit on my butt – I’m too busy out working for positive change.

  22. hollyonthehill Says:

    Ronald, no question Dems had a good night on Tuesday. Not all is lost for Republicans, though. We have Deb Fischer in the Senate who is a grounded realist not likely to join the good old boys club. NC is solidly red. MO, despite the doofus of a Senate candidate, has a super-majority of Rs in the state house. Utah has more Republicans in the state legislature than it has had in 80 years.

    But there is no question we had a GOP fail on Tuesday and not only should we be asking “Why”, we should also work to correct it. 🙂 (Just in case you thought – like JBT, apparently – that I was going to sit on my butt for the next 2 years, then wring my hands when elections don’t work the way I “hope” they will.)

  23. hollyonthehill Says:

    Thanks, DCme!

  24. hollyonthehill Says:

    JBT, how is it you spend your days again? I mean besides trolling conservative blogs and music websites. In case you’re wondering, the other conservative blogger you love to bash, Ladies’ Logician does not live in Utah county, isn’t LDS and isn’t a SAHM. Bubble burst.

  25. DCme Says:

    jbta… Mirror… Mirror… On the wall WHO wants the most attention of them all… You do! You… are a perfect example of passive aggressive behavior… hiding behind your jbta… Ha! You insult, Stay at Home Moms, LDS Folks and Mormon Republicans. You call Holly… Angry, Extream, Partisan and a Hater… Really? YOU… sir or madam… appear to be all of those things… judging by the tone of your comments. I would be willing to bet “In Person” your just as big of an “ass” as you are when your hiding.

  26. Ronald D. Hunt Says:

    “Just in case you thought – like JBT, apparently – that I was going to sit on my butt for the next 2 years”

    Don’t associate him with me please.

    And the price of freedom is eternal vigilance, would never have assumed to the otherwise.

  27. mark Says:

    To be fair to Holly, I think some of us tend to use her blog to vent a bit because we tire of the overwhelming conservative ideology in our state. Holly’s adherence not only to conservative values, but to far right conservative values makes her a target.

    I was never clear what to think of MItt Romney because of his inconsistency. Would his presidency have been comparable to his service as a moderate republican governor of Massachusetts? Or, would his presidency have been more like that of a newly born “fire brand conservative”? In any event, I’m glad this country didn’t have to find out the hard way.

    Because of Mitt’s LDS affiliation, I’m somewhat forgiving of my fellow Utahns for supporting him in massive numbers. Its easy to get excited about a candidate who you believe has the same roots, background, and values that you do. My problem is that if the GOP had nominated nutcases like Michelle Bachman, Sarah Palin, or Rick Santorum, I believe their percentage of the vote here would still have exceeded 60% of the total. In that sense, Utah is a “far right bubble” that seems out of touch with most of the rest of the country. I think the last time Utah supported a democratic presidential candidate was almost 50 years ago back in 1964. People here don’t really want or need a two-party system, thank you. They would be quite content with one choice on the ballot as long as it w as a conservative choice. Ironically, people here are the first to talk in glowing terms about “freedom”.

    My criticisms of Holly and this blog are probably less criticisms of her than of a point of view that is obnoxious to me primarily because of its prevalence. What percentage of the vote did Mitt Romney get in Utah County? Was it over 80%?

    My promise to Holly and other conservatives after savoring the victories of Obama and Matheson is to step back for a bit. I am going to comment less and reflect more. While I profoundly disagree with Holly on most points, its not fair of me to project my dislike of a whole political climate on one person.

  28. jbtalcott Says:

    Holly can level personal attacks against Jim Matheson and Barack Obama be the hero of the right, but when someone on the left writes a personal attack against her Holliness for doing so, that person is a “misogynistic ass”. Anyone else see the hypocrisy here? The title of Holly’s recent blog against Matheson was the equivalent of calling Mia Love a “twat”. This is who you folks are defending.

  29. Robyn Says:

    Mr. Talcott, if you don’t want to be called a misogynist, maybe you should avoid saying the following misogynistic things:

    “Before you get your stay-at-home-mom panties in a twist[…]”

    “Have you ever considered going out and getting a paying job to help support your family and make a real contribution to society[…]”

    “The countless hours spent sitting on one’s buttocks bitching[…]”

    And let’s just clarify some distinctions about your claims of hypocrisy. I’m fairly certain Holly is not trolling liberal blogs and attacking the authors using words such as “panties” and “buttocks” and “bitching.” That seems to be your specialty. She’s critical of the actions of politicians in office. If you would do the same, you could possibly avoid revealing your misogynistic tendencies. But instead, you’re choosing to enlighten us on how threatened you are by an influential, conservative, powerhouse of a woman with your childish insults. It’s time to grow up, Talcott.

  30. DCme Says:

    Well said Robyn!

  31. jbtalcott Says:

    If Holly is such a “powerhouse” of a woman Robyn, why do you feel the need to come to her defense? I have a great dislike for Rush Limbaugh sitting on his rump attacking liberals in the media as well. There’s no misogyny here, just making observations and reporting what I feel.

  32. Ronald D. Hunt Says:

    “NC is solidly red.”

    Numbers finely clear on that one, Dems totaled 51% of the house popular vote in that State in the 2012 election.

    It is not solidly red, The district lines are extremely gerrymandered.

    “Utah has more Republicans in the state legislature than it has had in 80 years.”

    So the republicans went from a super majority with room to spare to a super duper majority!, They already had all the room in the world to pursue their policy agenda here, really don’t see how this changes anything.

    Republican GOTV in Utah clearly is easy with a Mormon presidential candidate, and Clearly Romney had coat tails in this State.

    Unless republicans can pickup more Women, Blacks, Latino’s, and other minority voters, AND without losing any of the white vote while doing so then 2012 is the peak, and this peak with shrink with the decline in the share of the electorate that is white.

    Obama won 95% of the black vote, 70% of the Latino vote and note this will improve with democrats as the anti Castro Cuban vote in Florida dies out, 60% of the under 30 youth vote(across all groups).

    The republicans are also against a hard wall, as the distribution of these voting groups is very troublesome for them, Tho Nationally it won’t be until 2040-2050 that minorities out number the white population, on a State on State basis that isn’t the case.

    Texas, Arizona, Florida, and other States are or shortly will be minority majority States. Texas will be purple in 2016 and blue in 2020 if current demographic trends hold.

    I am truly curious how the republicans plan on facing this issue, The funders are in utter panic atm, I am curious how the average republicans thinks they can break through all of this.

  33. ERIC in Murray Says:

    jbt? If you mean Mr. Limbaugh “attacks” liberals while sitting on his rump, why dont you try sitting on your head, start a Multi-million dollar business by tell the truth and see what happens. You will fall like the **** and your dimwitted ilk voted for. Cant wait for your messiahs treason trials.

  34. ANONYMOUS Says:

    Racist comments like this have no place on Holly’s forum,

  35. hollyonthehill Says:

    Anon, you’re right. Thank you for watching while I was taking a break…..

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