Michigan – MICHIGAN – is now a right-to-work state.


Freedom-to-Work-MILate last night, the 2nd of two bill passed the Michigan House moving the state one nice step forward towards economic freedom.

Once Governor Snyder signs the bills, Michigan – once considered the cradle of the pro-union movement – will become the 24th state in the union with right-to-work laws.

While Washington either argues over or ignores the fiscal cliff, states are taking responsibility for their own destinies. I can’t tell you how great it is to see Michigan (you know, land of a now-desolate Detroit and home to much bailout money) tackle some SUBSTANTIVE stuff.

One of the bills dealt with private sector workers, the other with government employees. Both have the effect of banning any requirement that nonunion employees pay unions for negotiating contracts and other services.

Of course the Democrats protested and continue to threaten retribution, but state Senator John Pross predicts that their anger will fade as more jobs make their way to the state. He told the Washington Post, “As they say in sports, the atmosphere in the locker room gets a lot better when the team’s winning.”

Pretty exciting to see the shift in sentiment growing nation-wide. It’s also pretty exciting to know that at least in some way, Utah has had an effect on Michigan, under the watchful eye of Budget Director John Nixon. Hired away from the Herbert administration, his work in Michigan garnered him one of this year’s “Public Official of the Year” award from Governing Magazine.

Yay for good news!


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8 Responses to “Michigan – MICHIGAN – is now a right-to-work state.”

  1. Brett Coffin Says:

    Unions have been their own worse enemy, biting the had that feeds, looking out for the best interests of the union leaders, rather then the best interests of the worker. I do think it’s sad to see the middle income people’s share of the pie shrinking over the last 20 years. Outsourcing and Unions haven’t helped this at all.. Now if only the GOP will address the other half, outsourcing.

  2. jbtalcott Says:

    It is far from over in Michigan. There are going to be negative repercussions for a long time as a result of this partisan “union busting” vote. The larger strategy of the GOP of course is to weaken unions who are the largest contributors to the Democratic Party, so that the Republican Party funded by corporations can have all the money and power.

  3. jeromefromlayton Says:

    Long time ago, before I got in the Air Force, I was a Lab Assistant at Shell in Emeryville, CA. It was an “Open Shop” meaning that the Chem Workers Union (OCAWU) ran the place with management along for the ride. If I joined, a part of my wages would have gone to COPE (the political part that supports Democrats). That was one and a half years of grief before I enlisted and no longer had to deal with union thugs trying to pick my pockets. Over in Michigan, I noticed that our chief “Community Organizer” was trying to sway the vote. Not going to work this time, Barry.

  4. jbtalcott Says:

    Another name for “right-to-work” could be “freeloaders welcome”—employees who gladly accept the wages and benefits won by the union’s negotiation efforts, but who refuse to pay their share of the costs.

    On an average right-to-work states have lower wages and fewer workers covered by employer health insurance than states without right-to-work laws. There is a direct correlation in the U.S. with the decline of labor unions and the stagnation of wages, and more importantly the disparity of wealth between wage earners and corporate directors.

    Anyone who enjoys working a 40 hour week, weekends off, paid vacations, sick and maternity leave, overtime for working over 40 hours, a safe and healthy work environment, etc., etc., can thank the labor unions in this country for those benefits. Once these benefits we now take for granted were fought for and gained by organized labor they spread to other non-unionized places of employment.

    As long as the G.O.P. continues to support millionaire CEO’s and corporate boards of directors and shareholders over the average wage earners in this country they will continue to lose elections.

  5. Richard Warnick Says:

    And the polls show only 6 percent of the people want RTW, the right to work for less. Democracy in action? Or the Koch brothers?

  6. Ronald D. Hunt Says:

    Pushed through in the lame duck session with 6 republicans voting for it that won’t be their in January, in violation of the States strict open meetings law.

    I should also note this assuming the court doesn’t strike it down for being passed during the capital buildings illegal lock down, it will be repealed in the next election via a citizens initiative, it will only take 280k signers for a petition to get it on the ballot a very easy pull in Mi, especially considering how badly this stupid legislation polls.

    The fascist emergency manager law was easily defeated at the polls, this law will be no different.

  7. Ronald D. Hunt Says:

    Ohh, I should also note that Snyder promised to not sign such a law when he was running for office, of course this is just one of many surprises from him involving things he ran against, or neglected to tell voters about during the campaign.

  8. Ronald D. Hunt Says:

    And once again, MI republicans have shown they have absolutely zero respect for the democratic process and republic we hold dear.

    The Emergency manager law that gives the Governor the executive authority to dismiss elected officials in the city’s, county’s, and school districts of the State, and appointment managers whom maybe persons or corporations to then manage, sell the assets of, impose new taxes, nullify contracts, pass and dismiss ordinances, and fire or hire municipal workers without any representation of the voters of that municipal government.

    Michigan’s republican party has devolved into a bunch of would be kings, lording over that State, Holding cities, county’s, and school districts, on a by your leave status, beholden to new political extremes.


    This is truly disgusting, I can’t believe that even you would support this unconstitutional, unamerican behaviour.

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