About Holly

Holly Richardson is a conservative political activist who writes an award-winning blog covering Utah and national politics. Known as “Holly on the Hill,” she has been on Utah’s Capitol Hill during the annual legislative session for the last decade.

As a blogger, she has developed relationships with legislators, reporters and many others involved in the political process. She also teaches and consults on social media usage on a regular basis. She is well-known for her straight-forward nature and her genuine interest in people and the process. She has been a weekly guest on the conservative talk show “Red Meat Radio” and regularly joins Rod Arquette and Chris Vanocur to discuss the political landscape.

Trained as a registered nurse and subsequently as a midwife, she got her feet wet in politics when she fought to for an issue that she believed needed to be addressed in Utah law – the legalization of direct-entry midwives. Holly became a “citizen activist,” logging thousands of volunteer hours on that one issue alone. She organized and mobilized hundreds of grassroots supporters, most of whom had never been involved with politics prior to that point. In 2005, the Licensed Direct-Entry Midwife Licensure Act passed the House and Senate and was signed by the Governor. Until her recent election as a State Representative, she served as the Chair of the Licensed Direct-Entry Midwifery Board.

She also has been actively involved with political campaigns. She has experienced just about every role possible on a campaign, from mailing postcards, to communications, to scheduler and recently, as candidate. She has worked on both large and small races and remains committed to doing what she can to get the best candidate elected.

Holly has served within the Republican Party as both a county and state delegate, as a volunteer social media coordinator for the Utah state GOP, a precinct vice-chair, a precinct chair and as a legislative district chair for District 57.

She and her husband, Greg, have been married for almost 25 years and live in Pleasant Grove, UT with their large family. Driven by reports of tens of thousands of children abandoned in orphanages in Romania, they began their adoption journey in 1991. Holly spent months in Romania to adopt two little girls. Over the next 17 years, they adopted 20 children from 8 different countries (including the US). Those 20 joined the 4 children born to Greg and Holly. They saved and prioritized their spending to fund their adoptions and were able to stay out of debt while doing so. They continue to value self-reliance, responsibility, accountability and patriotism and work to share those values with their children. Their multi-cultural family was recently featured on Mormon Times.

As the Representative for District 57, she has pledged openness and transparency in her actions as a legislator as well as an emphasis on outreach and communication with the constituents of her district. She believes that entitlement reform is the fundamental issue of our day. It is way past time for an increase in personal responsibility and accountability and an end to the me, me, me era of entitlements.


19 Responses to “About Holly”

  1. Lisa Johnson Says:


    I am contacting you on behalf of the Sutherland Institute, a non-profit think-tank in Salt Lake City. We are putting together a list of local conservative bloggers who would be invited to our blogger briefers. We would love for you to be on that list. If you feel that it is something that you would like to be involved with please send me an email with your email address so that we may send you future invites.

    Lisa Johnson
    Media Relations Coordinator
    Sutherland Institute


  2. Dave Hammond Says:

    Holly: I have been trying to find a way to contact you after reading your comments that you do not see how Harry Reid can be a Mormon in good standing, that he is an embarrasmet to you as a Mormon. I am also a Mormon, and I am proud to claim Harry Reid a member of the Church. I am disappointed that you would make such a charge. Within the Church, we must realize that it is not our place to decide if someone else deserves to be a member. That is not your job; that is not my job. It is our job to reach out to one another in brotherhood. and sisternood If you want to disagree with his politics on a political level, fine, but please don’t try to speak for God.

  3. hollyonthehill Says:

    Dave, in no way did I try to “speak for God’. In fact, the reporter asked me point-blank if I thought Harry Reid should be excommunicated and I said no – that would be between his bishop and himself. I am embarrassed that a member of the church works so hard to force his choices on the American people. What happened to agency? I’m embarrassed for him that he spoke out against the LDS church’s stance on Prop 8 – the day before Elder Oaks spoke clearly and convincingly on the church’s role in supporting not only Prop 8, but the traditional family in general. I am embarrassed that he – as a member of the church – is one of the key political spokesmen for a party that embraces abortion, non-traditional marriage and forced “charity”. I am embarrassed at the way he plays dirty politics, at the way he places blame rather than accepting responsibility (see recent comments re: the AMA as one small example) and I am embarrassed that he makes the rounds doing firesides in Nevada – but only right before an election. I specifically did NOT say his membership was in question.

  4. don perkins Says:


    What is your position on health care reform?

  5. don perkins Says:


    What is your position on health care reform

  6. Jacob Says:

    According to the SL Trib article you said: “I just don’t get how his politics translate to somebody who has LDS beliefs.”

    Do you get that Pres. Faust and Elder Jensen were/are both Democrats? Do you get that Pres. Hinckley said that you can be a good member of the Church and good Democrats?

    How does giving gay people the choice to marry destroy agency? Doesn’t it do the opposite? Church leaders explicitly said that members could feel free to disagree with the Prop 8 campaign and not feel any threat about that decision. Many, many members of the Church were uncomfortable with the Prop 8 campaign, while still believing that marriage between a man and a woman is of God. Those are not mutually exclusive beliefs. I don’t have to force my beliefs on others to justify them.

    As for abortion, Reid is pro-life. My feeling is that if you espouse 100% of a party’s issues you have not thought critically enough and you are just a blind follower. How does it feel for you to represent the party of torture and unprovoked war? Are those consistent with LDS teachings? Just because they are fruits of the Republican party doesn’t mean that you have to espouse them as your own.

    The world is much more complicated than you seem to understand.

  7. Eric S. Peterson Says:

    Holly, I’m a reporter with the City Weekly and I was hoping I could talk to you about a story I was working on about bloggers being given press credentials for the 2010 legislature. Contact me if you have time this week.

    Eric S. Peterson
    w: 801.413.0946

  8. Leigh Dethman Says:

    Thought your readers might be interested to hear this:

    We just found out Glenn Beck is coming to sign at our downtown Deseret Book (45 West South Temple) next Friday, July 16 at 3 p.m. He’s signing his new political thriller “The Overton Window.”

    I guess he’s in town for his American Revival event at Energy Solutions Arena on Saturday http://www.glennbeck.com/content/events/?ibid=americanrevival



  9. Shaun Says:

    Where did you live in da U.P., eh? :). I grew up in Marquette.

  10. hollyonthehill Says:

    I lived in Skandia. 🙂 My Dad was stationed at KI Sawyer. My first year of college was at NMU. 126 inches of snow the first year we lived there – and I loved it! Just loved it. Oh, I worked at Burger King in Marquette. Woot!

  11. Resa LaRu Kirkland Says:

    To those who speak of judging, it is a perversion of God’s law to say we are not to judge. We are COMMANDED by Him to choose sides and judge everyday. The only judgments that we are NOT allowed as individuals are church membership — must have stewardship — and the decision of who is worthy to enter Father’s Kingdom. That is Christ’s alone. We are absolutely, positively, commanded to judge behaviors as right or wrong, every day, with every one, exempting or rationalizing no one. Righteous judgments are on behaviors; engage in wicked behaviors long enough and consistently enough, you do indeed become wicked, “past feeling.” That is when Father will withdraw, and you can be sure that the dust hasn’t even settled from his last foot fall before satan enters. HE is the one who punishes, NOT Father. It is a disturbing trend in the Church to claim we aren’t supposed to judge; we are commanded to be bold and call wrong “wrong” and right “right.” Our obligation is to TRUTH, not politeness, and no seeker of truth is ever offended by it, even if it means they must repent so a negative truth is no longer the truth.

    There are only a handful of political issues that the Church has come out on publicly and taken a firm stance. Abortion, gay marriage, and small government are the top 3. It is absolutely, positively not only fair play to question behavior and choices that go contrary to LDS doctrine if you claim to follow LDS teachings, but it is indeed a righteous judgment. While all have moral agency to choose for themselves, none have the right to force others to call anti-doctrine choices “good” or “right.” Father forbids the calling of wrong “right” and right “wrong.” To raise your hand to the square in support of the Prophet twice a year but decide you know better on certain doctrine is the epitome of pride, and the downfall of Lucifer and the 1/3. We have the right to choose wrong; but we do not have the right to alter the natural consequences of those choices. That is a bastardization of Father’s law, and you cannot claim to love Father but excuse yourself from His law. No one is exempt, and He has never been a respecter of persons and never will be.

    Politicians who freely choose to be part of this religion and profess membership but then publicly go against it in actions cannot expect the same consequence as those who actually walk what they talk. The answer to 2+2 will always be 4, even if you’re afraid of the 4, even if you pass laws outlawing 4, even if you demand everyone call it “fuzzy octopus” instead. It is always and forever 4, and if you don’t like 4, who is in violation of the laws of math? You are. Therefore, you are the one in need of changing. No one is above Father’s law anymore than anyone is above the laws of math. And remember: only the lie needs justifying and propping up–the truth IS justice and stands alone.

    Holly, you are correct. Their support for that which goes against our doctrine results in confusion, which Father has made clear is NOT of Him, and the natural consequences of confusion are frustration, sorrow, pain, suffering, and anger. It is only natural that those who aren’t of our faith will look to its members to learn what we believe. The damage done by MINOs (Mormons In Name Only) is so vast and eternal that from Christ actually used the word “hate” when describing how He and Father feel about such hypocrites/liars. To tolerate a “little lying/hypocrisy” is to inevitably surrender to it, for evil is not disciplined, restrained, or truth-oriented. The pattern of history (and patterns are math-based, math is the language of the universe because it is pure truth and does NOT change or give in to Political Castration, feewings, or popularity) has made it clear over and over again: what starts with one group never ends with that group, what starts as “just a little” has never once stayed “just a little.” The only answer is Father’s answer–not the least degree of allowance. If we justify in fellow Mormons what we would NEVER justify in non-Mormons, we lose the moral high ground and are relegated to the ash-pile of history where all hypocrites inevitably go. It is the natural consequence of hypocrisy and the wretched pattern of history — WARCHICK

  12. Taylor Barden Says:

    Dear Holly,

    I would like to keep you updated on Taxpayers for Common Sense (www.taxpayer.net) and our current efforts in Utah.

    Taxpayers for Common Sense is a non-partisan watchdog and we have been fighting for fiscal responsibility in Washington for more than 15 years – working with Democrats and Republicans, and groups on the right and the left. We are best known for our winning campaign against spending “earmarks” and as the original whistle-blower on the “Bridge to Nowhere” – a proposed $380 million Alaskan bridge that became an infamous example of federal waste and a hot button campaign issue in 2008.

    Please email me back if you would like to receive our updates.

    Taylor Barden

    Communications Associate
    Taxpayers for Common Sense
    (202) 546-8500 x111

  13. Bob Thompson Says:


    I’m trying to get some details regarding the upcoming Republican Party precinct caucus. Can you help me get in touch with the right person.

  14. Marie Alexandra Says:

    Hi there,
    I do work for different political campaigns, and I am currently working on a Congressional campaign in Utah. I was wondering if you had any available email lists you’d be willing to share from your blog. We would be willing to rent them, or even have you send them out on our behalf. Please let me know as soon as possible.
    Looking forward to hearing from you,

  15. LBR Says:


    Just making you aware of today’s SL Tribune poll on UT-2.


    Hoping and praying Eagar, a solid conservative woman, will win this race.

  16. New Grains Gluten Free Bakery Says:

    Hello Holly,
    Not sure if you remover me but I’m the one who just file the Gluten Free Law suit against Hatch. Giver a call soon. Maybe you can assist in being a significant vehicle f

  17. New Grains Gluten Free Bakery Says:

    Timothy Lawson
    (801) 687-5151

  18. Rachel Lowry Says:


    I’m a reporter with the Deseret News. I am working on a story about adopting children and would love to interview you some time next week about your family’s experience with this.

    Let me know if you are interested.

    Rachel Lowry

  19. Kent Vorkink Says:

    This is such an interesting list of comments that I couldn’t resist adding mine! Holly, how about having your own TV show on UtahValleyLive.com? Bring on guests and broadcast it live on this your HollyontheHill site, where you could also have links to Past Shows. Interested?

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