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Southern Utah Basket Brigade

November 9, 2010

The holidays are upon us and it’s time for all of us (but especially conservatives) to show we really mean it when we say the government should not be responsible for “charity”. One opportunity to reach out and serve those who are in need is by participating in the Southern Utah Basket Brigade. Their goal is to put together Thanksgiving baskets to deliver to families in the St George area.

The inspiration for the Anthony Robbins Foundation’s International Basket Brigade was born in the imagination of a child. Tony was in the 6th grade when his family was “gifted” with a huge basket of Thanksgiving food, which they couldn’t afford to buy themselves. The unconditional expression of love impressed the young Tony and he swore that he’d do well enough in life to return the favor.

Basket Brigade isn’t like any other food drive, participants get to see the results of their efforts; unlike most food drives where you donate food never knowing where it went. The result of that one act of kindness years ago has now blossomed into 3 million families being served every year.

The Southern Utah Basket Brigade can use cash donations, in-kind donations of food, toys or clothing and your time as they put the baskets together on November 20th. Join them from 9-2. Check out their webpage for more information. Just $30 fills an entire basket and donations made through the website are tax-deductible. Now get out there and get involved.


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