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Daily Fix, Feb 10

February 10, 2011

*Senator Jon Kyl (R-AZ) will be announcing his retirement today, according to Politico. He is the junior Senator from Arizona and currently serves as the Senate Minority Whip. Conservatives are calling for Rep Jeff Flake to run. Politico

*Rep Christopher Lee (R-NY) resigned yesterday after the website published a report claiming that Lee, who is married, solicited a romantic encounter on Craigslist, sending a shirtless photo of himself to the woman. One more entry in the category of “What the hey were you thinking?!?” The Hill

*Back in Utah, Rep Curt Oda’s feral cat bill was skinned. Gutted. Neutered. Clubbed, shot and decapitated. (Thank you, Robert Gehrke) Last night in committee, Rep Eric Hutchings said the bill had a “special spirit” and proposed an amendment that gutted most of the bill, then Rep Jackie Biskupski finished it off with an additional amendment. The only remaining language allows people to kill an attacking animal in self-defense. Trib

*St. George Senator Steve Urquhart says the time has come to do away with driver privilege cards for those here illegally. Despite arguments that those currently driving with the privilege cards will continue to drive but without auto insurance, the Senate committee passed the bill out on a 4-1 vote. Trib

*The Senate unanimously passed a bill to prevent school districts from hiring lobbyists, aka “independent contractor” hired specifically for lobbying. They would still be allowed, however, to employ government affairs specialists to represent their interests on Capitol Hill. Des News

*A lively discussion of “double half-time” kindergarten came in front of the education committee. In an interesting twist, the Eagle Forum and several conservative activists spoke in favor of the bill, while the UEA and other traditional public school proponents spoke in opposition. It will come in front of the committee again today. Trib

*Rep Ken Ivory wants to know “Where’s the Line” between federal and state powers. Calling it the “issue of our day,” Ivory’s bill would create a Federalism Subcommittee in the Constitution Defense Council to identify areas where the federal government exceeds its enumerated powers. In those instances, the state could ask the federal government to back off, escalating to mediation and then to a lawsuit. Trib

*And if none of that interests you, then you might want to head on down to your local Verizon store where the new Apple iPhone 4 is now available for sale. The AT&T monopoly has been broken. Fox 13


Daily Fix, Feb 7

February 7, 2011

The Daily Fix is back after a couple days off. Budget issues, feral cats and guns – and all strangely inter-related.

*The state school board puts the School for the Deaf and the Blind on the chopping block as a (short-sighted) way to save money. Are they serious or is it just political grandstanding? Daily Herald

*In case you missed it, the Utah House shoots down a bill that would require Utah’s innkeepers to allow guns in their rooms. Citing personal property rights for the hotel owners as well as a free market that is working, the bill carried by Rep Sandstrom was defeated 28-44. Trib

*The feral cat debate continues. Senator Dennis Stowell has introduced a bill that sets up sanctuary colonies for those cats, while Rep Curt Oda moves forward with his bill that allows individuals to decrease the surplus population. And just a reminder – make sure you follow @UTferalcat on Twitter. Des News

*Rep Bill Wright has a food freedom bill in response to the passage of S510 during the lame-duck session in DC. His bill proposes that if the food is grown, processed (or not), and sold in Utah, then it will not be subject to the extensive regulation by the FDA. Vendors at farmer’s markets are doing the happy dance. Trib

*And finally, just a personal note of thanks. Our family has been blessed by the outpouring of love and support on the passing of our daughter, Angelia. We knew when we adopted her that the day would come when she would leave us. The sorrow we feel now is more than offset by the joy we felt at having her in our home. ABC4 Des News

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