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Gasp! Jim Matheson admits he is a DEMOCRAT

November 1, 2010

Ok, so it was only when he was challenged at convention and then during the primary, because now you find no evidence anywhere that he is part and parcel of the Pelosi debacle. In case you were wondering, the TRUE fiscal conservative – and that one that best represents Utah values – in this race is the Republican, Morgan Philpot.


Follow the Matheson money trail

October 22, 2010

A bad case of “deficit attention disorder”…..

Elections have consequences, baby

October 20, 2010

Vote, vote, vote, vote, vote.

More baseless Matheson attacks

October 18, 2010

Matheson must be feeling the heat – or else he just does whatever Pelosi and the DCCC tell him. His latest attack ad accuses Morgan Philpot of wanting to slap a 23% tax on all Americans. Whatever. Philpot’s position on taxes could be summarized like this: Cut every tax you can, every chance you can, as much as you can. Matheson’s claims are so blatantly false – and so common among Democrats – that it has made national news.

The Hill reports that research by shows that Democrats in 16 districts have run at least 31 ads blasting Republicans for supporting a consumption tax. What they DON’T mention is that what is essentially a national sales tax would REPLACE the current federal tax system. also slammed the DCCC for the ads.

“Democrats are accusing Republicans of supporting a 23 percent sales tax on everything, which would be on top of all existing taxes… it’s misrepresenting by omission of the FairTax idea,” director Brooks Jackson told The Hill.

The DCCC was forced to pull an ad off the air in Michigan’s 1st district because of it’s misleading nature. Philip Hinson, national spokesman for said “It just speaks to the desperation of the Democratic Party because they see an absolute tsunami developing and they can’t come up with anything better than this.”

Matheson doesn’t let the facts bother him when it comes to campaign ads. He sure doesn’t like it, though, when Philpot points out that he’s only passed two bills, that he voted for the Slaughter rule, that he raised the debt ceiling $2 trillion this year, that he passed Cash for Clunkers, versions 1 and 2 and that he voted to adjourn rather than address extending the Bush tax cuts.

All in all, the truth seems to be quite the annoyance to him, doesn’t it? Shame on him.  I’ll be the first to call on Congressman Jim Matheson to pull his inaccurate, deceitful ads, misrepresenting his opponents position on Social Security and the Fair tax. Time to man up, Congressman, and finally do the honest thing.  Pull ’em today.

Democrats disowning Pelosi

October 13, 2010

Check out this ad by a Democrat. Gosh, imagine if Phantom Jim did an ad like this one….oh wait – he’s not nearly as conservative as this guy…..

Matheson on the ropes

October 13, 2010

Congressman Jim Matheson (D-WHAT?!) is being hammered from both sides in the last 3 weeks leading up to the election. On the right, GOP contender Morgan Philpot was endorsed by heavy hitter Sarah Palin, bringing more national spotlight – and grassroots $$ – to his surging campaign. From the left flank, Rocky Anderson is calling on Democrats to vote Republican this cycle, saying “He’s turned his back to every possible constituency.”

He has been nominated as the “Jackass Politician” of the month, along with such other notables as Alan Grayson (who ran the Taliban ad), Harry Reid and Jerry Brown.

He is also the subject of a couple of clever videos.


The only live debate Matheson would agree to is scheduled for October 20th in St. George.

Busted! Matheson scolds constituent!

October 11, 2010

Phantom Jim refuses to hold town halls because he can’t handle being asked to explain his positions.  He finally got tracked down and asked about 84% of his campaign money coming from PACs.  Utah’s “PAC-man” refuses to answer – but finally turns to the guy asking the questions and says “Shame on you“.  No Jim.  Shame on YOU.  That sound you hear?  That’s the Philpot Express coming up behind you and headed all the way to DC.

Matheson’s desperation is showing

October 11, 2010

Congressman Jim Matheson is finally facing a potentially tight election- the first one since 2002 – and he’s getting desperate. He has been trying to fly under the radar, with zero town halls and only one live debate, held at a Chamber of Commerce luncheon in St George. He avoids letting anyone know he’s a Democrat. (Try finding the letter D, a donkey, or any other symbol on his signs. Or his website. Not there.)

His votes finally have scrutiny, the blogosphere is paying attention and the price of ignoring the Internet is catching up with him. (Seriously – check out and see what I mean!)

In an amazing coincidence, pro-Philpot and anti-Matheson signs have been disappearing all over the district. Intersections have signs for local candidates, Senate candidates from both parties and plenty of Matheson signs – but no Philpot signs, even though they are replaced regularly. The prime targets for these illegal removals are the very visible Matheson=Pelosi signs that Utah volunteers have been placing all over the second district.

Last night, 4 separate groups of people, in 4 separate cities, were caught in the act of removing signs and with startling similarity, all told the very same story – they were doing it for the good of the community since they didn’t think they complied with city ordinances. St George, Lehi, Sandy and Murray and they all with the exact same story. What are the odds?!

Oh, and speaking of desperate freefall…….


Jim Matheson, king of spin

October 8, 2010

If you can’t run on your record of voting for the stimulus, for Cash for Clunkers, and for Nancy Pelosi, then by golly, spin, spin, spin.

Congressman Jim Matheson is deflecting and twisting when he tells Utah Policy Daily that his GOP opponent, Morgan Philpot “is saying things that are just not true – like his ad that says I’ve only sponsored two bills” in 10 years in the U.S. House. “That is demonstratively false – I’ve done a lot more than that.” Except what the ad actually said was that he had only PASSED two bills while in the US House.

Matheson also has a new ad out that says he knows “Every penny counts” – so surely that’s why he voted to raise the debt ceiling twice in the last year, or why he has twice earned the “Big Spender” rating from NTU. He also asserts that he didn’t vote for a bailout and while it’s true he didn’t vote for TARP, he DID vote for the stimulus package. And son of stimulus. And son of stimulus 2……

Matheson – whose campaign is almost completely funded by outside PACS – also sent out fundraising letters decrying FreedomWorks “coming to Utah.” These are people “who know nothing about what matters to Utah families.” Really? Really?!*I* am FreedomWorks in Utah, Mr. Matheson. I DO know what matters to Utah families. I write about what matters to Utah families. I advocate for what matters to Utah families – and guess what – it’s not more debt and failed stimulus programs. It’s surely not the Pelosi/Reid/Obama debacle Matheson so clearly favors. Larry Jensen is FreedomWorks in Utah. He lives in Salt Lake County and works for Utah families and their rights every single day. Darcy Van Orden is FreedomWorks in Utah. Becky Pirente is FreedomWorks in Utah. All Utah residents, all here, on the ground working to keep the freedoms you and your fellow Democrats seem so intent on wrenching from us. WE are the ones placing signs, walking neighborhoods and talking to people. And we do know Utah.

Who does Matheson vote with?

October 4, 2010

If you think it’s the Republicans, you’d be wrong.  He votes partyline over 93% of the time.  See for yourself.

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