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Meet Derek Brown

October 18, 2010

Derek Brown is the Republican candidate running for office in Utah House district 49. He has long been fascinated by the political process and this year decided it was time to step into the fray. He is running in a traditionally Republican district, but one where the seat is currently held by a Democrat labor union boss. Brown does not feel that is someone who is representative of the district’s demographics and he is working hard to change that. He knows he could make a difference at the legislature and has been out grassroots campaigning, contacting over a thousand households in the district.

He has a fascinating background. He put himself through school as a professional pianist with perfect pitch. He married into the famous musical De Azevedo family. He went to law school and practiced for a number of years.  He is currently the owner and president of “Two Little Hands Entertainment” and a board member of the “Signing Time Foundation.” Many parents of young children recognize “Signing Time” for their television programs targeted at teaching children under age 8 to use sign language.

He also is an adjunct professor of communications at BYU, has been the legal counsel for two US Senators and practiced constitutional law with an international law firm in DC. He is married to Emilie and they are parents to two boys and a newborn daughter.

If elected, his priorities are education and growing Utah’s economy. He wants to “advocate policies that increase parental involvement in the schools, increase local control, support innovative practices, and focus on outcomes and student performance.” In the area of economic development, he would like to see the state promoting policies that “incentivize the creation of new jobs, attract new companies to our state, and help Utah emerge from the recession without raising taxes.” For his own company, he has had to implement a hiring freeze while waiting for the largest tax increase in history to hit on January 1. Many other companies are in the same boat.

He also is a strong advocate of state’s rights and says:

The most important separation of powers in our country is the one least talked about—the separation of powers between the federal government and the states. Whenever our state’s sovereign powers are threatened by the federal government, it is our responsibility to resist that encroachment. Whether we are talking about health care or land ownership in our state, we must make sure that our voice is heard. There is a delicate balance between federal powers and state powers, and we must ensure that the balance is kept in check.

With under two weeks left in the campaign, he knows he is facing a tight race. He could use more financial donations, and more volunteers. Anyone who is interested in knocking doors, getting out the vote, or especially interested in poll watching on November 2nd is invited to contact the campaign. He would be a great addition on Utah’s Capitol Hill.  Virtually all of the political insiders speculating about Salt Lake county races pick this one as the top race to watch.


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