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Tea Party Power

September 15, 2010

The last big primary day is finally behind us and with just seven weeks to the general election, the power of the Tea Party movement has been felt far and wide. Yesterday’s elections were no exception.

In Delaware, a decidedly blue state, conservative Christine O’Donnell won the GOP nomination for US Senate. Like Joe Miller in Alaska, she was thought to have little to no chance against the “establishment” candidate. In fact, like in Alaska, the powers-that-be fought against her. The NRSC ran telephone ads against her the last week of the primary and now that she won has indicated they will not be supporting her financially or otherwise. The GOP chairman from Delaware said she “couldn’t be elected dogcatcher.” Karl Rove was distinctly ungracious in his comments about her to Sean Hannity, saying “This is not a race we’re going to be able to win.” Congressman Mike Castle, her primary opponent, had won 16 elections before last night. In fact, he had never lost a race. He was heavily favored to defeat the Democrat, Chris Coons running for Joe Biden’s former seat. Coons is now predicted to win.

But here’s the deal. None of the so-called experts thought Scott Brown could win in Massachusetts. They didn’t think Lisa Murkowski was at risk and they did not think Bob Bennett would come in third at the state GOP convention. They were wrong.

The Tea Party movement has flexed its muscle and delivered some knock-out punches. The old guard had better take notice. We won’t win every election, but we will win enough to make a big difference this cycle. It will continue through the next cycle and beyond. We can’t “change the culture” of DC without changing the culture of America and that is what this political movement is doing. Those who insist on doing the same old things the same old way are being shown the door all over this country, from city councils to state legislatures to the US Senate.

Welcome to the brave new world.


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