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Honey, You Didn’t Build That

August 30, 2012

Easy enough for even the deliberately obtuse to understand.


Romney: These Hands

July 19, 2012

“Small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy…..After 4 years of being torn down, it’s time to rebuild.”

Chicago Trib goes after Obama

July 18, 2012

You know it’s bad when the Chicago Tribune goes after the hometown boy now sitting in the POTUS chair – but they did. Award-winning columnist John Kass – who has been with the paper for almost 30 years – published a piece today titled “Who else, Mr. President?”

He starts with this: “When President Barack Obama hauled off and slapped American small-business owners in the mouth the other day, I wanted to dream of my father.”

He goes on to talk about his father and uncle who built a grocery business on the South Side of Chicago from the ground up – no federal bailout money, no corporate welfare, no handouts, no lobbyists…..

Just two immigrant brothers and their families risking everything, balancing on the economic high wire, building a business in America. They sacrificed, paid their bills, counted pennies to pay rent and purchase health care and food and not much else. And for their troubles they were muscled by the politicos, by the city inspectors and the chiselers and the weasels, all those smiling extortionists who held the government hammer over all of our heads.

He thought of his Dad, he says, when he heard President Obama tell small business owners “If you’ve got a business you didn’t build that. Somebody else make that happen.”

He knows first-hand the hard work that goes in to building a business, the possibility of failure and the entrepreneurs who “entrepreneurs risk everything, their homes, their children’s college funds, their hearts, all for a chance at the dream: independence, and a small business of their own.”

He concludes with this:

Obama’s changed. Gone is that young knight drawing the sword from the stone, selling Hopium to the adoring media, preaching an end to the broken politics of the past. These days, he wears a new presidential persona: the multimillionaire with the Chicago clout, playing the class warrior, fighting for that second term.

And he offers an American dream much different from my father’s. Open your eyes and you can see it too. He stands there at the front of the mob, in his shirt sleeves, swinging that government hammer, exhorting the crowd to use its votes and take what it wants.”

H/T Senator Todd Weiler

Mia Love: Make the moral case about the future we are leaving our children

July 17, 2012

Republican Congressional candidate Mia Love says that while we have plenty of facts and figures about the out-of-control debt, we must ALSO make the moral case about the future the federal government is now stealing from our children and grandchildren.

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